Demetra Anagnostopoulos

Chief Strategy Officer, SurePeople
Boston, MA

Professional Profile

Demetra is a valued former Director, Client Relationships and Director of Global Partner Relationships at IA. At IA, she had a long track record of aligning customer needs to IA's capabilities across many industries and sectors. She holds an MS in Business and Organizational Communication from Emerson College in Boston, and has published articles on facilitation, conflict resolution, and coaching.


Competing for the Future by Gary Hamel, Customer Intimacy by Fred Wiersema, The Long Tail by Chris Anderson, Plato: Complete Works by John M. Cooper, The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Matrix Leadership

The explosive growth of matrix organizations - which blur traditional lines of authority across business units, functions, and geographies - challenges leaders to excel at collaboration as a critical component for driving results. Demetra Anagnostopoulos and Jay Cone share insights.

Demetra Anagnostopoulos

"Optimism is true moral courage."

- Ernest Shackleton