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“Interaction Associates is without question the finest consulting partner I have had the privilege of working with in my career . . . I have brought them in to work with me at three companies, in two industries: financial services and government consulting. In each, they worked successfully with the senior management teams to create a strategy that rewards good leadership.”

Nancy Boenecke, Director, Professional Development, Abt Associates


"I needed a partner, not just a vendor, to help us tackle this initiative. Interaction Associates had the expertise and experience I was looking for." 

Michael Zuccarello, SVP, Director of Training & Development, Wachovia Securities


"(Women in Leadership) was one of the most impactful programs that I’ve ever been to. Great content, but overall an overwhelming sense of connection, positive energy, and honesty around issues facing women in leadership with some tactical tools.”

Laura Eigel, Director of Organization and Management Development, Frito-Lay North America


“A must for women leaders at all levels within the organization.”

Jenica Oliver, Sr. Director, Borden Dairy Co.


"Linda Dunkel brings outstanding experience. She thinks on her feet better than anyone I've seen. She guides us, asks key and critical questions, and she makes sure when she puts an agenda together we get through it. We trust her. The hard questions are asked, we get to the bottom of things and our work product is enhanced. I trust Linda to get us where we need to go."

Milton Lee, CEO, CPS Energy


"This (Facilitative Leadership) workshop was inspiring for a new supervisor. It gave me more confidence in developing as a leader. The interactions with my peers was a great experience and helped me build relationships with other leaders in my organization. I liked how it pushed me outside my comfort zone and challenged some thoughts I had prior to the workshop. Overall a great experience."

Sarah Gall, Plant Supervisor, DCP Midstream


“We selected IA as a partner because their content and delivery style is consistent with the cultural values we are trying to instill in our leadership. Our leadership development program was intended to be more than a program to train our leaders — but a strategic initiative to change the culture. We have stayed with IA because they have exceeded my expectations on what they originally promised to deliver, and, as our needs have grown, they continue to be able to deliver.”

Donna Tanenbaum, former VP, Human Resources, CWFC


"No matter what business problem or issue is handed to us, we can navigate our way through it. That’s the beauty of Facilitative Leadership®: if you have the framework and the practices in place, and you know how to move a group through a collaborative process, it doesn’t matter what the content is. You can bring it to a successful resolution. You can put a man on the moon, or you can launch a new career path. It works for any problem or opportunity. Over time, we have seen the benefits of Facilitative Leadership® take root in our culture."

Carolyn Fischer, TJX Companies, former Director of Comcast University New England


“I have worked with many consulting firms in my previous experiences but I have never seen such a level of efficiency, simplicity, and this "to the point" approach that makes things happen . . . I should remember that the impossible takes just a little bit of more time!”

Senior Vice President, Global Regulatory & Quality Assurance, Leading Global Pharmaceutical Company


"I like to think that we're a better running company because of (Managing With Impact). Our managers are better trained, and they can work with their team much more effectively."

Andrew Sieja, CEO, kCura


"As consultants, they listen, they are engaged, they are flexible — and they deliver a learning experience next-to-none. They have turned the biggest skeptics into the biggest fans. They are singularly responsible for helping us at Abt Associates truly build a culture of development. From workshops, to consulting, to new program design, they are simply the best.”

Nancy Boenecke, Director, Professional Development, Abt Associates


“IA has been instrumental in giving our leaders the right tools and approaches needed to facilitate our new culture of transformative leadership.   Those leaders in our organization who have embraced Facilitative Leadership® practices are the ones to watch . . . as they are the ones making things happen through collaboration, relationships, and processes.”

Zandy Reinshagen, SVP/CIO, San Antonio Federal Credit Union


“IA is a trusted partner for anyone trying to develop a unique approach to growing leadership in their organization.”

Tim Chafin, Former Chief Executive Officer, New Century Women and Children's Hospital, and Chief Sales Officer, R-Conrad Consulting


“I have a Chemical Engineering degree, and I've got an MBA — but one of the most powerful tools in my tool kit is the skill set that Interaction Associates has delivered into my life. It’s huge.”

Russ Crockett , Sr. Vice President, Commercial, Texas Petrochemical


“Bad leadership had brought us to our knees. Interaction Associates helped us completely turn around our culture to create a collaborative environment. With their help, we not only achieved the highest regulatory ratings and great operating success, we created a place where people love to work.”

Mike Meier, Vice President, Shared Services, STP Nuclear Operating Company


“Not only is IA effective at providing tools and context, but their relationship-based approach deeply impacts how our managers think and feel about the art of leadership — and ultimately, how they act as leaders.

Steve Arneson, Ph.D. Author, Bootstrap Leadership and former SVP, Executive Talent Management and Development, Capital One


“I work with many different consulting companies, and none of them makes it as easy to do business as IA does. They give me a solution that's right on target, and everything is handled smoothly — from the contract, to setting the dates, to preparatory meetings, to delivery of the work.”

Kathy Reddick, Director of Leadership Development, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company


“I was very impressed with IA’s ability to listen to and address the complicated cultural issues I was facing as an American opening up two new hospitals in China. I had a lot of confidence that IA was a good match philosophically, and would bring value to the leaders at New Century. Interaction Associates provided very practical, tailored, highly effective training programs to benefit leaders at all levels in the organization. "

Tim Chafin, Former Chief Executive Officer, New Century Women and Children's Hospital, and Chief Sales Officer, R-Conrad Consulting


“I have used Interaction Associates for over six years as a preferred vendor; and they use their principles of collaboration in every interface and interaction with you. They live their values.”

Sheila Babnis, Former Group Head, Project Managers, Pfizer


“I believe the Curtiss-Wright Flow Control leadership development program has made a noticeable difference in my thought process on how to handle the tougher decisions in the business. I’ve become more methodical in the interaction and coaching of my staff and employees. The program has also raised my awareness in how I’ve executed the business plan successfully in these extremely tough economic times.”

General Manager, CWFC


Facilitative Leadership® and Adaptive Strategic Leadership have prepared me to effectively collaborate with my team on a daily basis improving my ability to coach, build teams, conduct efficient meetings and build agreement.”

General Manager, CWFC


“I found the Facilitative Leadership® workshop to be both an enlightening and enjoyable experience.  Several of the concepts that we discussed have challenged me to become a more focused leader in both my professional and personal life.  In a fast-paced, results oriented industry like commercial real estate, we often overlook the small things in the process and in our relationships that are as much, if not more important than the ultimate results.  This workshop has re-invigorated me to become a more well-rounded leader in all aspects of my life.”

Mike Flynt, SVP, Portfolio Manager, Behringer Harvard


“To me, this was the most impactful training I have attended in the company. Having the level of interaction with participants from around the country and the Director coaches was great. I had a lot of a-ha moments over the course of the week and came back ready to implement a lot of new stuff with my team.”

Workshop Participant, Aerotek


“In 15 years at Abbott, this is one of the best workshops I've attended (internal or external). Much more insight regarding my own bias and tendencies.”

Workshop Participant, Abbott


Beth O’Neill was absolutely amazing! She is very knowledgeable and is a wonderful teacher. Her having real life examples that we could all relate to made it very easy to learn. I can honestly say that this is the best class I have ever attended!”

Workshop Participant, Radio Shack


"This is an excellent investment of time to "work on the engine" as opposed to just running it hard all the time.  The peer interactions and feedback were an added plus to the core material."

Carver Matheidas, Director, Partner Business Management - East, ShoreTel


"Even if you believe you're well-versed in practicing effective project management and collaboration within a team, there's still plenty to learn with this workshop."

Angela Sarmiento, kCura

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