Collaborative Skills Conquer M&A Challenges

Mergers and acquisitions are tricky, but collaboration can ease the process and help create a productive, high performance culture.


After acquiring another firm, this company was faced with the challenge of merging two different cultures, breaking down communication and geographical barriers, improving project management styles in order to make decisions faster, implement projects quicker, and roll out products within short time frames. If the company were to miss their target market release it would cost the company $100 million in revenue.

They were faced with the challenge of creating a virtual product development team among the two geographically dispersed regions, with different cultures and work processes. They had to jointly achieve their product development goal without ever having met face-to-face, and lacking the team skills for success.

How Interaction Associates Helped

In order to create a bridge among team members Interaction Associates created a forum for cross- and sub-project learning, where members shared best practices, created a cohesive team and facilitated its development. They experienced cross-project and cross-geography learning by presenting and sharing project status information.

Return on Involvement

Through a variety of models, tools and team-building exercises, Interaction Associates helped the virtual team achieve a common understanding of the project status, similarities and differences among team members, and cross-project best practices. Interaction Associates provided an opportunity for team members to exchange critical data and points of view on issues, which lead to better interaction, ability to manage performance and process issues, and increased sharing of opinions, thus improving work results and meeting their goal.


IA Services Provided

  • Team Skills Training.
  • Collaborative Skills Training.

Project at a Glance

With IA's help, this high-tech firm created a virtual product development team with geographically dispersed regions, different cultures and work processes, and realized a $100 million revenue goal.