A Financial Services Giant Saves Money by Creating a Facilitators Network

Instead of wasting money and time on outside resources, this financial services giant brought its own people up to speed on high-level facilitation.


This financial services giant was experiencing hundreds of requests for high-level facilitation, process consulting, and coaching each year. Executive management was aware that strategic meetings without skillful facilitation can take 50% more time than they should, leading to waste of resources and less time to capitalize on opportunities. Hiring outside consultation and facilitation is expensive. Developing internal resources would provide a 50% reduction in outside costs. 

The goal of the Advanced Facilitator Network (AFN) was to create a quality pool of experienced, versatile senior facilitators and coaches to lead complex meetings, strategic workouts, executive off-sites, and visioning sessions.  AFN was identified as a solution to cut costs, grow high potentials, and provide a highly trained resource to all businesses.  The AFN process was an experiment in taking knowledge and skills deeper than typical training to achieve more significant results. It’s advanced development for emerging leaders who are already highly trained and have a more complete skill base of leadership.

How Interaction Associates Helped

Interaction Associates delivered advanced facilitation, coaching, and change management skills over an approximately 8-month period.
The entire effort was defined as a learning community, where members experience a variety of development methods. These included classroom learning, stretch assignments, development plans, action science methods, personal mastery, 1-on-1 coaching, 360° feedback, Meyers Briggs type evaluations, readings, ongoing evaluations, and study groups. IA also provided coaching via telephone to help with development plans and assignments.

AFN is supported by a steering committee of senior business leaders and general managers; the committee consists of facilitation champions, who help get the skills used in very public ways to demonstrate their effectiveness and value.

Return on Involvement

  • AFN is delivering a quality pool of experienced, versatile senior facilitators and coaches to lead complex meetings, strategic workouts, CAP, executive off sites, “visioning” sessions.
  • AFN is now identified as a valuable solution to cut costs, grow high potentials, and a highly trained resource to all the company's businesses, and is believed to be saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.
  • AFN has developed into a two-year process, with top graduates from Year One enrolling in a Year Two Core and Advanced Consulting Skills curriculum.

IA Services Provided

  • Coaching.
  • Advanced Facilitation Training.
  • Collaboration skill development.

Project at a Glance

A financial services giant saves money and time by developing its internal resources.