A Global Organization Resolves a Challenging Business Dilemma

Achieving Day One reporting went from impossibility to achievable goal with the help of Interaction Associates' proprietary problem-solving skills.


Within finance groups at an Australian-based mining conglomerate, it was a corporate belief that Day One reporting couldn’t be achieved. Management understood the company would operate more strategically if leaders received financial reporting information closer to the start of each month, yet Day One reporting seemed inconceivable.

How Interaction Associates Helped

With IA’s assistance, the leader in charge of the change effort, chartered an operations improvement team. Interaction Associates custom-designed a collaborative improvement workshop, and members of the division's finance groups came together from globally disparate locations for a learning session and team launch.

Interaction Associates consultants helped the team identify key problems and analyze their underlying causes. The team identified critical areas for improvement and groups with whom to compare performance. To build skills within the team for solving problems, IA taught strategies in collaborative change management, problem solving, decision making and action planning. Team members learned how to be effective change agents to guide and implement the change effort back at their locations.

By the end of the session, there was a high level of commitment within the team to implement the improvements. Team members owned the initiative and were excited to work together to create the change.

Return on Involvement

After eight months, the company’s financial results were complete on day two — a dramatic improvement, and with further improvement expected. The initiative received accolades throughout the organization because the improvement team did more than create improvements; it committed to a long-sought, lofty target, formed a timetable, owned the outcome, and is delivering on its goals.

IA Services Provided

  • Collaborative Change Consulting.
  • Change, Problem-Solving, Team Training.

Project at a Glance

A global mining company solves a problem its management believed impossible to overcome.

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