Leadership Development at New Century Hospitals in China

"I was very impressed with IA’s ability to listen to and address the complicated cultural issues I was facing as an American opening up two new hospitals in China. I had a lot of confidence that IA was a good match philosophically, and would bring value to the leaders at New Century. IA provided very practical, tailored, highly effective training programs to benefit leaders at all levels in the organization."  ~Tim Chafin, former CEO, New Century Hospitals, China, and Chief Sales Officer, R-Conrad Consulting


A new CEO from the United States was hired to lead two brand new, for-profit hospitals in China. While some of the hospitals’ leaders had strong innate skills and had learned through on-the-job experience, none of them had been formally trained in leadership during their schooling or in their work careers. The CEO (the only Westerner and native English-speaker) and his team identified 15 leadership competencies, including business acumen, building trust, and decision making, to be included in the leadership development program. Then they determined how these competencies would show up in the "daily work" (a common term in China).

How Interaction Associates Helped

Interaction Associates proposed a 10 workshop curriculum, combining and streamlining the identified competencies, so the leadership training could be accomplished in an optimum period of time.

The founder and others in the system were uncertain about the use of IA’s "Western" models and content, as they were unsure these would translate well and be effective in China. So IA’s designers created and delivered a proof of concept. This two-workshop curriculum was meant to demonstrate to the founder and chairman of the hospitals that leaders would receive practical, tailored, highly effective training, benefiting those at all levels in the organization. The CEO and other internal staff were trained and certified in the training program by an IA Senior Consultant via Webex, so that it could be delivered in a cost-effective way by onsite staff and leaders in both Mandarin and English.

Return on Involvement

The New Century leaders sat on the edge of their seats, excited to get formal training. Epiphanies and light bulbs went off constantly. Leaders participated in small group activities, which they had never experienced before in their lives, even in medical school. And they walked away with written plans to use the skills they had learned — specific, actionable plans that they developed themselves. Leaders reported to the founder that they learned new leadership tools and methods they had never encountered before. Hospital leaders described the differences in their own performance, and in that of their direct reports. For the first time, people began working together across disciplines to solve problems.


IA Services Provided

  • Curriculum Design.
  • Leadership Development.

Project at a Glance

Two brand new hospitals in China.
Development of leaders at all levels.

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