Management Development Helps kCura Sustain Healthy Growth

Rapid expansion can throw a company off-course without the right management skills in place. For those, kCura trusted IA.


kCura, an e-discovery software developer, has been listed on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 since 2011. With a hot flagship product, Relativity, used by over 100,000 users globally, kCura experienced 306% workforce growth from December 2010 to August 2014.

"When a business is growing this rapidly," said Dorie Blesoff, kCura's chief people officer, "It’s really important to have common approaches, tools and processes that represent best practices and also meet the unique needs of our growing company.” Because 25% of its management team is Gen Y, kCura starts management development in the early stages of people’s careers as a strategic investment for the future.

How Interaction Associates Helped

Dorie Blesoff and her team partnered with designers at Interaction Associates to create a specialized program called Managing with Impact™.

CEO Andrew Sieja’s focus on developing strong managers is driven by the conviction that such development is critical to achieving the company’s objectives. In a company growing at the pace kCura is growing, skilled managers are needed at all levels to engage and develop the team.

"If managers are effective, they really help a business," Sieja said. He believes good managers act as coaches. "They do facilitation, there's some training involved, some directing, some uncomfortable conversation." These are all capabilities developed by Managing with Impact.

Return on Involvement

Nearly all 80+ managers have completed the two-phase Managing with Impact program. Dorie Blesoff says this program, along with kCura's other manager development programs, have helped improve results and relationships with employees.

The CEO reports that kCura’s investment in management development is worth it. "I like to think that we're a better running company because of it," Sieja said. "Our managers are better trained, and they can work with their team much more effectively. People who have really good managers really like working for them," according to Sieja.  In turn, this helps the company mold and retain top talent.

This case study is based in part on a Chicago Tribune article by Amina Elahi.

Project at a Glance

"Managing With Impact" development for 80 managers at a time of rapid growth.