A Pharmaceutical Company Aligns Group Expectations for Success

Interaction Associates helps a pharma company's Regulatory Group improve performance and align with internal stakeholder expectations.


In this global pharmaceutical company, drug development teams looked to the regulatory group (RG) for strategic direction in bringing new drugs to market.  In particular, they relied on RG for guidance on various decision points to increase the likelihood of Global Health Authority approval. The teams saw regulatory as a linchpins for the process. Grumbling and reports that RG was not strategic, not meeting expectations, and so on, led the RG Executive to bring in Interaction Associates.

How Interaction Associates Helped

Interaction Associates held a number of stakeholder interviews to help pinpoint the critical issues. IA learned from the conversations that the teams did not really understand the boundaries of RG’s responsibilities. IA also identified clear performance improvement opportunities within the RG group.

IA went deeper within RG to define together what elevated performance levels would look like across key performance categories, and to create development opportunities for those working in RG. IA involved stakeholders who worked with regulatory affairs to offer their input and evaluations, to elevate the function and shift perceptions. Upon completion of baseline performance assessments and calibrations, Interaction Associates helped to integrate development efforts within the company’s development architecture.

Return on Involvement

In the new system of feedback and evaluation, the Regulatory Group learns how members of the group are rated and what development opportunities can help move the needle on performance. This encourages growth and better performance. Additionally, regulatory group managers now have a way to reestablish, clarify expectations, and align with key stakeholders.

IA Services Provided

Stakeholder Interviews.

Facilitated problem-solving meetings.

Team Development.


Project at a Glance

Consulting and performance development for a global pharmaceutical company.