Preparing High Potential Leaders to Drive Growth

At this well-known off-price retailer, Interaction Associates is a trusted partner helping advance high-potential leaders for the past two years.


Interaction Associates was selected to lead the design and delivery of “Leaders Developing Leaders” – a year-long learning process to prepare those promoted from AVP to VP roles. The aim of the learning process is to improve organizational growth --- in fact, to double their top-line revenue --- by developing strategic capabilities in this off-price retailer’s leaders.  This learning process includes a business simulation and action learning teams which are each sponsored by Division presidents.

How Interaction Associates Helped

The learning process includes three phases — Foundation, Application, and Integration.

The Foundation phase begins with with a four-day learning event designed to establish in leaders core collaboration and business acumen skills, through the use of a business simulation and the practice of new skills.  At the end of this four-day foundation, the leaders join action learning teams, sponsored by division presidents, with each team focused on specific business-related projects. 

Internal talent leaders coach the teams through the Application phase as the teams work to reach their key objectives. 

Finally, in the Integration phase, the teams report out to Executive Leadership on proposed solutions to the issues/opportunities that they have worked on during the past 12 months. Issues explored have included the opening of the Hawaiian market, transition to selling on the web, and more.  

Return on Involvement

The teams have been so successful that their results are presented to the executive committee and then taken into consideration for implementation or further exploration. 


IA Services Provided

  • Action Learning Teams
  • Strategic Leadership Skills
  • Design and Delivery of learning programs

Project at a Glance

Interaction Associates designed and has been delivering a high-potential leadership development program for the past two years.