Scaling Leadership Development for a High-Tech Leader

IA partnered with this client to accelerate implementation of new leadership skills in a 12,000-person organization. They co-created and delivered virtual instructor-led (VILT) programs, reaching 2,000 people in six weeks — compared with 200 people developed in the prior year.

The Situation

The leadership development team of this global leader in digital marketing and media solutions was tasked with developing thousands of employees annually — instead of its typical several dozen high-potential leaders. The Vice President of Talent wanted every employee to be developed in five key capability areas to cope with the impact of unprecedented growth.

The leadership development team needed to quickly and exponentially expand their development reach, essentially switching from “going deep” to “going wide.” They chose to use their own technology to accomplish employee development on a massive scale.

How Interaction Associates Helped

Interaction Associates and the client teamed to design live online learning programs that could be scaled as required. IA developed, designed, and delivered a number of these programs. At the same time, IA designed and deployed a live, classroom-style training session for delivery to a smaller group of selected leaders, allowing for a deeper experience. The firm now conducts employee training and development using its own technology, bringing employees together to share a common understanding and vision, while equipping them with critical leadership skills.

Return on Involvement

IA and this global digital marketing and media company successfully have co-created a next-generation learning experience. Using a live online approach, the client developed approximately three times the number of people it had developed in the previous two years — in just three weeks!

This new learning delivery strategy aligned with its audience’s (mostly millennials) learning expectations. In addition, the learning earned above 90% Net Promoter Scores® for the ten global deliveries that focused on five key leadership capabilities.

The company aligned all their learning programs to the identified leadership capabilities, creating further momentum, and assuring all employees are united behind a common leadership vision and expectations. 


IA Services Provided

Design and delivery of virtual instructor-led programs.

Project at a Glance

IA and the client co-created and delivered development programs, adopting a scalable, interactive platform to extend reach to global audiences.

We equipped learning and development teams with modular solutions to deliver a wide range of learning content through immersive experiences.