A Successful Reorganization at a Global Pharma Company

Not all re-orgs succeed. IA helped this global pharmaceutical company not only succeed, but realize the full potential of its reorganization effort.


This global pharmaceutical company implemented a new governance model and reorganized its R&D and Commercial divisions. The reorganization provided an opportunity to create a new way to collaborate and make decisions through empowered cross-functional teams, replacing a traditional top-down model. Teams were given enhanced decision-making authority to accelerate early and late stage development efforts to create lifesaving drugs. The company wanted to fully realize the effectiveness of the reorganization and maximize its value.

How Interaction Associates Helped

IA partnered with functional and drug Program Leaders to help them enable and accelerate change. IA worked with R&D executive leaders focused on identifying and prioritizing desired cultural behaviors to create changes in work habits. Interaction Associates consultants convened Development Program Leaders and Project Managers into a community of practice,  empowering these change agents to align and build best practices across the drug development platform. Finally, IA coached specific drug development teams on roles and responsibilities, decision making, and conflict resolution in order to meet critical project timeline targets.

Return on Involvement

The teams with which IA worked have increased their effectiveness and speed-to-outcome. The community of practice has proved successful and popular, and is now in year three. Because they were involved in envisioning the change, people in the group are engaged with the change… and they “own” it. The culture change effort grew into a company-wide initiative and one of the CEO’s Top Five priorities going forward.

IA Services Provided

Conducted a culture survey and facilitated executive interpretation and prioritization of results toward a high performance culture.
Launched a culture change initiative with measurable behavioral indicators for shifts in culture and performance.
Engaged with more than 20 development project teams to assess team performance, build capability, and coach teams and leaders.
Launched a community of practice for Program Leaders to accelerate the new governance model.
Designed and facilitated key senior team meetings to build trust, make tough decisions, and align around implementation.


Project at a Glance

IA provided consulting, coaching, facilitation services, and performance development to help a global pharmaceutical company realize the full potential of its reorganization effort.