A Telecom Giant Slashes Project Cycle Time by One-Third

Interaction Associates introduced collaborative skills that cut through inefficiencies and slashed cycle time for this telecom giant.


In order to keep up with the expanding cellular marketplace, this company needed to address problem areas. As they reviewed issues facing product development, customer service, resource coordination to support both internal and external customers, and acquisition issues, they realized employees needed leadership skills.

How Interaction Associates Helped

By transferring leadership skills through the Facilitative Leadership© workshop, holding a two day off-site to develop support for cultural change, developing team skills for intact work groups, and creating an internal delivery capacity, the employees developed skills to facilitate the cultural change essential to meeting the market challenges.

Return on Involvement

The client reported an increase in leader effectiveness, efficiency in problem solving, decision-making, and leading group activities. The newly acquired leadership and team skills facilitated the implementation of quality and customer service programs, and cut project cycle time by one-third. Leaders now demonstrate the espoused values of the cultural change effort.

IA Services Provided

  • Leadership and Team Skill Development

Project at a Glance

A global leader in telecommunications.

Appears on the EPA's Top 25 Green Power Partners list.

Fortune 100 company.

IA transferred collaborative skills that cut through inefficiencies and reduced cycle time.

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