Interaction Associates Releases the Little Book of Big Trust – Detailing Practical Ways to Maximize Workplace Trust

Boston, June 25, 2015.  Interaction Associates (IA) has released its latest eBook – The Little Book of Big Trust – which features simple, practical methods for building workplace trust to drive strong business results. The Little Book of Big Trust draws of IA’s expertise in the power of collaborative action to build trust from the top down and across organizations – between leaders and direct reports – and among co-workers, teams, and divisions.

Interaction Associates is the 45-year global leader of methods for workplace collaboration – including ways of working together that allow leaders, teams, and change agents to achieve superior business results.

IA has researched workplace trust for the past six years in an annual survey, titled Building Workplace Trust, that unpacks the connection between trust and performance – and explores how high performing companies build trust to drive strong performance.

“Our research shows that people everywhere yearn for trusting and strong relationships at work,” said Andy Atkins, Chief Innovation Officer. “The Little Book of Big Trust goes beyond research insights to detail specific methods and tools that deepen trust and build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships,” Atkins added.

The Little Book of Big Trust features a quick summary of IA’s 2014/15 research findings – and six sections outlining specific methods – including the Trust Ten Test for gauging trust levels in any organization; using feedback to build trust; rebuilding trust after a failure; delegating to build trust and empower others; and trust and decision making.