Advancing Women Leaders: A Practical Approach to Building Diverse, Inclusive Companies

Presented by Deborah Rocco

A successful organization leverages diversity of leadership by providing inspiration and role modeling, improving the quality of decision-making and tapping into multiple viewpoints. While the case for the inclusion of women at the most senior levels of leadership is irrefutable, progress has been slow. The advancement of women to senior executive roles requires collaborative leadership change focused on three areas: setting direction, inspiring commitment and building capability.

This free webinar, sponsored by Interaction Associates, features Deborah Rocco  and CEO Barry Rosen, sharing how top multinational companies are leveraging gender diversity for strong business results. These companies are attracting, developing and retaining top talent while assuring a strong, diversified leadership bench.

This interactive webinar provides easy-to-understand insight on:
• The status and benefits of women at senior levels of leadership.
• How to develop a talent management strategy that drives sustainable results in the advancement of women leaders.
• The framework for developing women leaders based on gender and leadership research.
• How to engage men in the conversation.

View the slides here:


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