Blended Learning: The On-Time Toolkit for Training

Presented by Andy Atkins

The need for high-impact customization in learning programs has never been greater. So has the pressure to reduce content development cycle times and the cost of large-scale training deliveries. But how do you most effectively determine the need or purpose of learning content? And then, how do you most efficiently structure the content, and create learning experiences that address the unique needs of the audience?

In times when leaders are pulled in many directions, learning and development professionals need strategies and resources to build a program quickly (in hours, not days) and mix-and-match solutions for those who don't have several days available to attend an instructor-led program. The result can be a blended kit of tools that can be flexibly deployed to enable leaders to apply learning on the job.

This webinar- in partnership with is designed to maximize your learning content investment by providing a nimble and agile platform for developing people more efficiently -- and empowering teams quickly.