How to Give (& Not Give) Feedback from a Distance

Presented by Barry Rosen

One of the hardest things to do is telling a colleague they let you or the team down. Now imagine conveying that difficult message over the phone or in an online meeting. What if the person reacts badly, counter-attacks, or just shuts down?

The thought of that exchange can provoke huge anxiety.

This 30-minute webinar will provide you with practical tips and techniques for transforming an online or telephone bummer into a virtual relationship breakthrough. You’ll learn how to:

• Prepare for a feedback from a distance conversation.
• Remain kind, composed, and genuine while you convey your message.
• Use the technology to help you guide the conversation and bring out the best in both of you.

After the webinar, you’ll receive a useful job aid from one of Interaction Associates’ Leading from a Distance online learning modules.


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