The New Normal: Everybody’s a Leader!

Presented by Dana Sednek

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Today, learning organizations face the challenging task of developing more people, more quickly, to move the leadership needle even more broadly across the organization. It is no longer enough to develop a select group of high potentials and limit deep development to a critical few.

In this recorded webinar, we explore how Interaction Associates partnered with two Fortune 500 clients to create new development norms closely aligned with emerging business drivers. We share the business drivers affecting the shift, and then explore the specific next-generation solutions that met the need. 

At the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

• Recognize the business drivers shifting leadership development to a new paradigm.

• Learn how digital-out has begun to replace classroom-in strategies, and what this means for you.

• Identify three Leadership Development at Scale solutions that meet business needs.

• List three habits that get in the way of shifting the leadership development mindset in your organization.