Workplace Feedback: an ebook

Authored by Beth O'Neill

Giving and receiving feedback builds trust, removes interpersonal barriers, and guides everyone on the team toward improved performance. To stop avoiding and start giving feedback, download our brand-new, free, 17-page e-book called “Workplace Feedback: The Complete Guide to Giving and Getting.”

With articles contributed by Patty McManus, Beth O'Neill, and Michael Papanek, among others, it's a well-researched work that will help you with one of the toughest activities managers, leaders, and executives face: giving feedback.

Use any of the helpful strategies in this e-book to help build trust in your workplace.


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Building Workplace Trust 2014/15

Interaction Associates' 6th annual research study tracking trust on the job, Building Workplace Trust, is out, and more than half of employees surveyed give their organizations low marks for trust and leadership. Yet this year’s findings again point to how high trust leads to better outcomes and financial results – and even boosts innovation.

by Andy Atkins