Collaborate to Innovate™

Ways for Putting Creativity to productive use

Innovation does not often happen with one person alone in a room. And innovation is not about sitting around waiting for a "Eureka!" moment. Research shows that most innovation is the result of multiple people working together to generate ideas and identify new opportunities. This powerful two-day workshop and simulation will teach you about the intersection of collaboration and innovation, where new ideas are generated — and can be implemented.

This workshop is unique — it doesn't simply focus on generating lots of creative ideas, as many innovation workshops do. We define innovation as "creativity put to productive use." At the end of the day, innovation has to generate value for you and for the organization. Collaborate to Innovate, therefore, will teach you how to innovate with others in the most practical, effective ways possible to develop and implement the optimal solution for a well defined opportunity.
This workshop will help you apply your creativity and the creativity of others using a replicable, manageable process. You’ll be able to tap into team and organizational talent using a variety of practical tools.

Participants will move through five key phases of the innovation/ideation process:
1. An introduction, where the innovation and design processes are demystified.
2. The Inspire step, focused on putting the “user” or “customer” at the center of innovation thinking.
3. An Ideation process, turning brainstorming into a tool for generating powerful ideas.
4. Implementation, teaching participants how to pressure-test and implement low-risk experiments to try new ideas that could become innovations.
5. Application, which is all about bringing these tools, skills and methods back to the workplace for practical use.


During the workshop, participants go through the Design Thinker, a simulation game created by ExperiencePoint in collaboration with IDEO. It provides a direct and meaningful experience with design thinking.


This workshop is approved for up to 16 PDUs for Project Management Professionals from The Project Management Institute. 

Who Should Attend

This two-day workshop is perfect for team leaders in Sales, Product Development, Marketing, and other functional areas where innovation and execution are paramount. The workshop is also perfect for teams and team leaders in practically any organizational function.

Benefits for Participants

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify critical stakeholder groups and articulate the problem or opportunity with clarity.
  • Facilitate Design Thinking as a repeatable manageable innovation process.
  • Identify and understand the three cycles of Organizational Innovation.
  • Apply practical collaboration tools and templates to get a team’s creative best.
  • Develop a plan for implementation of your idea using rapid prototyping techniques.


  • Format : On-site Public Workshops
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