On-Site Training

We offer workshops in facilitation, leadership, meeting management, innovation, change management, coaching, and trainer excellence. We also offer live and on-demand online workshops.

All of our experiential workshops provide practical tools and skills in a positive, supportive atmosphere, in service of better business results. Workshops are often part of a blended solution to meet targeted business goals. Interaction Associates' workshops are designed to provide individuals and teams with the skills they need to think critically, operate collaboratively, and act effectively in fast-paced, high-involvement organizations. More than 15,000 people attend our highly-rated workshops each year. Our workshops develop participants' strengths, with a focus on strategic thinking, self-awareness, and collaborative competence.

Our best-in-class workshops have earned us a place on the Top 20 Leadership Training Firms from Training Industry, Inc., four years in a row. Top_20_leadership.jpg

We offer value with our off-the-shelf content. We also can customize to your specifications, to fit presenting business challenges, and your organization's needs. In fact, most of our work is customized.

Learning Processes

Our workshop content is often integrated into action learning processes as part of a larger development program. We understand the multiple factors that must be managed to make an adult learning experience productive and of high value. Factors such as project scope, level of sponsorship and timing, and quantity of interim coaching all can make or break a learning experience. We offer best-in-class, road-tested content that has been a competitive differentiator for Interaction Associates for four decades. Our loyal customers (80 percent repeat/referral customer base) acknowledge us as a benchmark organization for content quality, design rigor, practicality, applicability to real work situations, and adaptability within a global, multi-national context. We have global, multi-national experience in diverse industries. Over the last 10 years, 30 percent of our work has been outside the United States.

Your Trainers or Ours

We deliver the workshops ourselves, or can train your organization's trainers.Our trainer guides have been referred to by several of our customers as the "gold standard" for ensuring consistency and delivery scalability across an organization. We have a validated certification process that ensures high-quality delivery and value for your training dollars. We have significant experience transferring capability to leaders and others who teach our programs and tools throughout their organizations.

We Work Well With Others

Our deep facilitation expertise and collaborative attitudes mean we have the ability to partner with other subject matter experts SME's) and integrate our programs with others’ content. We leverage our design expertise to ensure high-quality integration and seamless delivery.  We hold center when a number of SME's and delivery partners are working inside a company, ensuring overall excellent quality.

The methods learned in our workshops can be applied immediately to help people collaborate effectively to solve day-to-day business issues. Review our extensive choice of workshops here.

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