Systems Thinking for Leaders™

Introducing three distinct phases of systems thinking

Complexity is a fact of organizational life. Most problems business leaders face have so many contributing factors, implications, and consequences that applying one-dimensional solutions only creates a whole new set of difficulties. That’s why the practice and skill of Systems Thinking is so important. Systems Thinking focuses on recognizing the interconnections among the parts of a system and synthesizing them into a unified view of the whole. Systems Thinking frameworks and tools provide a means of understanding the relationship between the structure of a system and the behavior the system demonstrates. Leaders can use systems thinking to fully appreciate, model, and resolve complex business issues — without unleashing an avalanche of unforeseen consequences. Top_20.jpg

Systems Thinking is a powerful, multidimensional thinking skill set that can help leaders identify and remedy chronic, complex problems — by understanding not only the full extent of what the problem is, but why it is happening. Systems Thinking skills significantly improve leaders’ ability to apply limited resources strategically for the best results.This two-day intensive workshop introduces three distinct phases of Systems Thinking:

  • Understanding the System.
  • Mapping the System.
  • Taking Action through Systems.

Learning Objectives

In this two-day workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Recognize recurring patterns, or archetypes, in systems — based on the behavior of the system over time.
  • Diagram the elements in a system and the flows between those elements.
  • Identify causes and effects within a system.
  • Engage stakeholders in collaborative action to influence the outcomes of a system.
  • Apply systems thinking principles from the workshop to current challenges they face in their own organizations.

Who Should Attend

While most systems thinking programs are geared to internal or external consultants, this workshop is targeted to business leaders. Leaders and managers will be equipped to leverage the powerful perspectives and tools of systems thinking to gain a deeper understanding of their situation — and to find the most impactful point of intervention to stop a downward spiral in performance.

Benefits for Leaders and the Organization

  • Risk mitigation
  • Identifying emerging markets and product lines
  • Essential tools for competitive strategy
  • Tools for scenario building in a non-linear world
  • Better analysis of current reality and SWOT
  • Tools for constructive engagement with diverse stakeholders, working across boundaries
  • Accelerated identification of most effective actions to drive greater "bang for the buck"


  • Format : On-site Total Access
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