Virtual Learning Solutions

Our live online programs offer real-time, expertly facilitated instruction and learning using next-generation tools.

These courses deliver a powerful, engaging online classroom experience. Interactive next-generation learning tools enhance the learning experience.

Get high quality, experiential, expert instruction, without travel, and without taking days out of your work week. You get convenience without sacrificing quality.Top_20_leadership.jpg

The benefits of our Virtual Learning programs include:

  • Increased Engagement. Participants stay engaged with interactive, media-rich online instruction
  • Reduced Costs. This type of training reduces travel, rental, and venue costs from training budgets
  • Less Time Away From Work 
  • Scalability. Live online programs increase the number of people being trained simultaneously
  • Increased Diversity. Leverage programs globally, at the same time
  • Modular Design. Our live online skill-building programs offer training content in short, incremental modules, which can be completed independently, or in combination with other courses or modes of learning


Our Virtual Learning programs can be run as 2-3 hour standalone sessions, or can be combined together to create a customized full-day program that target's your organization's most pressing needs. Topics include:

  • Revitalize Your Virtual Teams
  • Win the Trust of Team Members
  • Align Your Team with a Compelling Vision
  • Communicate Across Cultural and Geographic Boundaries
  • Increase Engagement in Virtual Meetings
  • Influence Stakeholder Thinking and Behavior
  • Build Agreements to Drive Results
  • Transform Conflict into Collaboration
  • Listen for Accuracy and Understanding in the Virtual Setting
  • Manage Performance Conversations with Remote Team Members
  • Design Virtual Meetings
  • Lead Effective Telephone Meetings and Conference Calls


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