Our consultants are seasoned professionals with business backgrounds. They share their insights on collaboration, trust, innovation, leadership, and other areas of expertise in our candid videos.

Change and Involvement

Our consultants have deep experience in the issues you face. Here, Jay Cone explores the biggest challenge facing change leaders: involving people appropriately for more buy-in, faster implementation, and change that works.

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Barriers to Innovation

Innovation isn’t a special science – successful breakthroughs usually come from people working together successfully. Jay Cone looks at the need to collaborate to innovate – and the common hurdles at many organizations. 

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Advancing Women Leaders

Advancing women leaders takes more than training, and requires more than women working on their own to create change. Senior Consultant Deborah Rocco explains the unique collaborative approach taken by Interaction Associates.

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About Team Excellence

What makes or breaks teams in most organizations? Demetra Anagnostopoulos and Andy Atkins share insights on how to get teams to deliver on their promise. 

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