Leader As Coach

Effective interactions between managers and direct reports is a critical linchpin to shifting from a performance management to a performance development culture. 

Benefits that will come from activating this skillset and behavior shift in managers include:

  • The creation of a supportive, healthy culture that attracts and retains talent.
  • A culture that will promote the improvement of productivity and innovation.
  • Reflective and self-aware leaders that seek help from others in situations where their natural tendencies won’t serve them well.
  • A coaching style of leadership that strengthens and supports coherence, communication, collaboration and change.
  • Leaders who unleash talent, plan for succession and help to create a strong and ready-now pipeline of next generation leaders.


Learning Objectives

Specifically, by the end of the session, attendees will be better able to:

  • Use a variety of listening and speaking skills to improve the outcomes of daily conversations with direct reports and other colleagues.
  • Coach someone through a problem-solving conversation in a way that increases the person’s ability to take initiative and resolve the issue.
  • Provide constructive performance feedback in a way that influences a colleague’s thinking and behavior.
  • Guide a career development conversation in a way that enhances an employee’s motivation to learn, grow, and contribute.


Who Should Attend

Managers who are responsible for developmental coaching conversations.


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