When you attend an IA event, you can learn vital skills in our high-energy experiential workshops, test drive a workshop to bring inside your organization, hear an IA speaker, or attend one of our LeaderLens networking events.


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We offer LeaderLens networking events, and frequently present at conferences. In addition, we offer public workshops around the US and elsewhere. We also offer live and on-demand virtual learning events.

On-site workshops are also available, and attending a public workshop is a great way to preview Interaction Associates' methodology if you are considering bringing us into your organization. Interaction Associates' experiential workshops are designed to provide individuals and teams with the skills they need to think critically, operate collaboratively, and act effectively in fast-paced, high-involvement organizations. More than 15,000 people attend our highly-rated workshops each year.

Accreditation is available: please check the individual workshop for credits offered.