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Change and Involvement

Our consultants have deep experience in the issues you face. Here, Jay Cone explores the biggest challenge facing change leaders: involving people appropriately for more buy-in, faster implementation, and change that works.

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Custom, Crafted Solutions

Our business consulting, management training, and executive coaching services are used by global companies around the world. We know that involved employees share responsibility for success, and own the results of their shared efforts. This sense of ownership means employees give greater discretionary effort, and build stronger working relationships within the organization, because everyone is working toward a common vision. The end result: impressive business results. High performance is the natural outgrowth of a collaborative, high-trust business culture fostered by skillful leaders.

Business results are not sustainable without smart processes and excellent working relationships. The experts at Interaction Associates show you how to balance results, process and relationship success. We have three main lines of service: training, consulting, coaching — which we combine to suit client needs. We deliver our services in ways that serve client outcomes and equip you to be self-sufficient going forward (you need not lean on us forever).

We work collaboratively to create a solution that fits your business goals.