Women in Leadership

Are you looking to advance your career as a woman leader?

If you are a woman seeking to advance, this workshop will equip you with the mindset and skills to lead with confidence. Research shows that women bring unique characteristics and capabilities to the leadership challenges they face. To be successful, organizations need to leverage this diversity of leadership: to improve the quality of decision-making, provide inspiration and role modeling, and tap into diverse points of view. In addition, having both women and men in leadership roles helps organizations reflect the customers they serve, giving the perspective needed to increase sales and fuel growth.  

The Women in Leadership program focuses on helping women leaders:

  • Understand their unique strengths as well as barriers to success.
  • Create action plans to overcome systemic barriers and grow their leadership skills.
  • Learn negotiation skills critical to their career success.
  • Build a network with other women leaders.

This research-based workshop focuses on the specific needs and capabilities of women — and provides the knowledge and support they need to succeed and contribute added value in their roles as corporate leaders.


When taken as a Public Workshop, this program offers:

  • 21 CEUs from the HR Certification Institute.

Benefits for Your Organization

The looming worldwide leadership shortage means that organizations where women lag in leadership roles are missing a huge opportunity. Introducing your women leaders to Women in Leadership allows you to shore up your bench strength while leveraging your women leaders’ unique strengths to drive strong business results.

Researchers consistently find a positive correlation between the representation of women in leadership positions and business performance measures, such as market share and return on investment.

The diversity of points of view and the insights into customer needs that women leaders bring are invaluable to an organizations’ success. In our current knowledge economy, people are the source of growth.  Eight-five percent of corporate value creation is derived from people, brand, and IP.  Successful businesses in the foreseeable future will be those who can harness the strategic thinking and creativity of all their people.

Organizations that create a culture of equal opportunity and diversity are better able to attract, retain, and motivate the most qualified individuals.

Who Should Attend

Women leaders at all levels in the organization, as well as women managers who are ready to move into leadership roles.


“It was one of the most impactful programs that I’ve ever been to.  Great content, but overall an overwhelming sense of connection, positive energy, and honesty around issues facing women in leadership with some tactical tools.” ~Laura Eigel, Director of Organization and Management Development, Frito-Lay North America

How Participants Learn

Women in Leadership is a three-day, experiential workshop. Building on pre-work they’ve completed on their own, participants are introduced to powerful concepts through an intensive three-day agenda. Self-assessment, group practice sessions, exploratory discussions, and feedback from workshop leaders and participants combine to provide a varied and engaging learning experience. Participants create their own plans to move forward with confidence. A trainer to participant ratio of 1:10 means every participant gets personal attention.

Learning Objectives

Participants in Women in Leadership gain:

  • An increased understanding of personal strengths and barriers for being a successful and authentic leader.
  • A self-created action plan to leverage their strengths and address existing barriers.
  • A vision of their authentic leadership.
  • A better understanding of systemic barriers to women’s achievement, and powerful strategies for change.
  • Increased ability to negotiate their own success and create value for the organization.
  • Ways to manage gender bias challenges.
  • Increased skill in having constructive conversation where actions are consistent with their values and aspirations, especially in high stakes situations.
  • A self-crafted plan to build a network, to be known and be sponsored for opportunities.
  • Interactions with women role models to experience the varied ways woman practice leadership.
  • A lasting network of women leaders.

Public Workshop Price

$2,495 per person / 3 days.

Download the pdf to view a sample window agenda of the 3-day program.



  • Boston
    • Oct 2nd, 2019 -
    • Oct 4th, 2019 - 9 am - 5 pm

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