Developing leaders is more than a one-time event -- and how you measure success is critical. Leaders need to drive business results, but results aren't sustainable if the processes and relationships required to achieve them are broken. Our leadership development programs focus on all three.

What's Driving Your Need for Leadership?

Senior Consultant Patty McManus discusses the strategic driver that makes companies feel urgency around leadership development.

Developing Leaders at All Levels

With more than four decades of experience innovating leadership development methods, we help organizations build collaborative cultures with strategic, collaborative, self-aware leaders at every level. 

We offer a comprehensive set of services for developing and advancing women leaders: Women in Leadership: A Re-energized Conversation for a New Generation.

Our leadership development programs build and strengthen leadership and management expertise — grounded in what we call three dimensions of success: results, process, and relationship. Business results are vital, of course, but results are more sustainable when leaders excel at effective processes and build productive, excellent relationships across the company.

We create custom leadership development programs and leadership and management solutions that:

  • Connect leadership development to business strategy and results.
  • Develop leadership profiles for each of the identified leadership competencies.
  • Accelerate knowledge transfer and skill development throughout the company.

Five important questions to address with leadership development:

  1. How are your leadership competencies tied to business strategy and objectives?
  2. What critical roles do you need leaders to fill?
  3. How deep is your bench for meeting leadership needs?
  4. What’s your plan for developing top, middle, and emerging leaders to support a shared leadership approach and culture?
  5. How will you involve top-level leadership in driving the success of your leadership development program?

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