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Interaction Associates understands the dilemmas you face in forging agreements on key business issues. We provide expert, results-focused facilitation: a distinctive blend of smart business acumen and expert facilitation.

Today, more than ever, top leaders face significant dilemmas in guiding their senior teams. They want to build partnerships and teamwork without losing accountability. They want decision making by consensus without forfeiting clarity and focus. They want careful planning without sacrificing the rapid pace of implementation. And they want to be heard without suppressing the voices of others. Interaction Associates understand these dilemmas, and provides a solution: results-focused facilitation, a distinctive blend of business acumen and expert facilitation.

How Results-Focused Facilitation Can Help

Our senior consultants are seasoned facilitators and business advisors. We assist clients with their toughest meeting challenges, including problem solving and decision making, conflict and critical issue resolution, team building, strategic and operational planning, partnering, organization collaboration, leadership transitions, implementation planning and review, and design and facilitation of retreats and large conferences.

We will work with you and your leadership team or board to:

  • Design a process for one or more meetings to build alignment among leadership team members, commitment to action, and ownership for results that will ensure success.
  • Raise critical issues and get them resolved.
  • Create a collaborative meeting environment that fosters the teamwork and candor required to resolve tough issues.
  • Establish a clear action plan with milestones and accountabilities.

To maximize results, our consultants:

  • Immerse themselves in the business
  • Meet with leadership team members to understand their individual concerns and perspectives and begin to build the collaborative relationships that are fundamental to success
  • Work directly with team members to establish focused outcomes and an agenda that will achieve them.

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