Advancing Women Leaders Now

With Deborah Rocco

What are the challenges around advancing women in leadership roles in your organization? 

Drawing on her extensive experience from the front lines, Deborah Rocco offers insights and perspective in a LeaderLens podcast that explores the myths holding women back; points to the biases and blind spots found in talent development processes and systems; and outlines how both genders are key to bridging the gap for women leaders.

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Reaping the Gender Dividend: Women in Leadership

Promoting women to top leadership roles is good for business. In fact, having more women leaders at the top is a no-brainer for more robust financial results. Here's why.

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Advancing women into leadership roles successfully requires bringing together all stakeholders (and both genders) in a concerted change effort, with support and energy from top leadership.  Learn how in this free, one-hour recorded webinar. Presented by Training Magazine.

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