How to Make Meetings Work

Authored by David Straus

When Michael Doyle and David Straus wrote this best seller, now translated into a dozen or more languages, little research had been done on group process. This pioneering work introduced the concept of meeting roles, including the How_Meetings.jpgneutral facilitator.

From the back cover: "How do you know if a meeting works? What is an effective meeting, anyway? Questions such as these are explored by the authors as they reveal a new method of conducting meetings, called the Interaction Method. If your meetings are more than window dressing or hot air, they are critical to the health of your group or organization. Learn how to be a facilitator, a recorder and 'group memory.' Help generate more and better solutions to problems... and learn seven reasons for NOT having a meeting!"

More than 30 years later, it is still the go-to manual for making meetings work. Find out how to get it, here.