Collaborate to Innovate

Presented by Jay Cone

Efficiency is key for business success. But in the long term, it won’t sustain business growth. Leaders are eager to lead teams to invent new ways to look at current parts of the business – e.g., the products, the processes, the supply chain, and methods of marketing. Executives then want their teams to be innovative in bringing an idea all the way to the market — smarter, better, faster. Innovation rarely happens with one person alone in a room. Or waiting for a "Eureka!" moment. Most innovation is the result of many people working together to generate and synthesize ideas.

This archived webinar explores the spark-plug relationship between collaboration and innovation. It will give you practical methods for tapping the innovative energy and talent of a group. This webinar is perfect for team leaders in Sales, Product Development, Marketing, and other functional areas where innovation and execution are paramount.

By the end of this webinar, you have some practical, immediately-applicable techniques for: 

  • Spotting a great innovative opportunity.
  • Leveraging your own problem solving and opportunity-hunting style.
  • Facilitating creative moments where a “good idea” is transformed into a “practical innovation.”