Leadership, Investors, and the Triple Bottom Line

Presented by Ashley Welch

Ashley Welch interviewed Ken Pucker on the topic of "Leadership, Investors, and the Triple Bottom Line." What does it mean to lead in an organization committed to doing well financially, socially, and environmentally? What are the trade-offs and complexities? And what type of company leadership makes an investment advisor sit up and take notice?
Ken is advisory director to Berkshire Partners, lecturer at Boston University School of Management, and Director for Timbuk2 Designs (a San Francisco-based messenger bag manufacturer and retailer). Ken is also former COO of Timberland, where he served in many roles over 15 years. During his tenure there, the brand grew tenfold to over $1.6 billion in sales -- and the company was recognized for nine consecutive years as one of Fortune magazine's 100 Best Companies, as a Forbes magazine Platinum Investment and as a top 10 ethical company according to Business Ethics magazine.