Strategies for Effective Virtual Team Leadership

Presented by Barry Rosen

A virtual team is a group of people with members based in different geographic locations working together for a common purpose. Virtual teams face several barriers to collaboration. It’s hard for team members to build rapport, to maintain communication routines across time zones, and to break through cultural and language barriers.

Barry Rosen, former president of Interaction Associates, and Susan DeGenring of ZOOM Collaborate*, demonstrated several tools and techniques for helping team leaders and members collaborate better from a distance.

They focused on how to best:

  • Set virtual teams up for success.
  • Encourage active participation.
  • Build good working relationships among team members.
  • Establish effective team norms.
  • Facilitate agreement-building and follow-through.
  • Share responsibility for getting things done.

*ZOOM Collaborate is an Interaction Associates blended learning partner, focusing on virtual, instructor-led Training (VILT) and Skills-Application Coaching.