Three Strategies to Succeed at Change (and what to do if it goes sideways)

Presented by Patty McManus

Most major change initiatives in business fail to achieve their desired results. This is a shocking fact when you consider how much is at stake when you undertake change — whether it's a company reorganization, new technology implementation, new products/services, you name it. And even the most successful initiatives are often painful and time-consuming to implement.

Interaction Associates Senior Consultant Patty McManus is a leading expert with more than 25 years experience helping leaders manage change. You can watch the archive of this engaging and interactive webinar with Patty at the Human Capital Institute (HCI) website at the registration link below.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Three foundational strategies for change, without which change is nearly impossible.
  • Practical methods and tools you can apply to any change effort.
  • How to recognize, and what to do, when the change initiative in which you are involved begins to go wrong.