Wilford Welch on The Tactics of Hope

Presented by Ashley Welch

Ashley Welch had a rich conversation with Wilford Welch. Wilford is an international business consultant, author of The Tactics of Hope, and an expert in the leadership excellence of social entrepreneurs. Learn about unique characteristics -- like boundary riding -- that make social entrepreneurs successful. Discover how these qualities are pertinent for today’s corporate leaders, given the ambitions of the millennials, shortened waves of innovation, and global trends.

Wilford Welch, a former U.S. diplomat, lawyer, and international business strategy consultant, has taught for the Yale-China program in Hong Kong, received his law degree from University of California-Berkeley (Boalt Hall) with a focus on the Chinese legal system, and was an assistant to William P. Bundy and Marshall Green in the East Asian Bureau of the U.S. Department of State.  He is also a co-founder, with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu, of the Quest for Global Healing Initiative, which brings together people from around the world every other year to help transform their concerns over environmental and social challenges into concrete initiatives.