Facilitating Change™

The mindset & practices of an effective change agent 

Managing change is difficult. There are countless ways a change initiative can fail, a host of factors that affect your results, and a crowd of concerned people with a stake in the outcome. According to published research, 50 percent to 80 percent of major change initiatives fail to deliver expected benefits or fail altogether.

A Gannt chart or project management program gives only a small part of the picture. This workshop equips you with simple, powerful tools for evaluating the initiative and guiding your organization through it. You'll learn strategies to overcome resistance, gain commitment, and get results.

Learning Objectives

In this course you will:

  • Build a compelling case for change to command resources and shore up support.
  • Learn to build, support, and maintain your initiative's momentum.
  • Develop strategies to identify and involve your stakeholders who otherwise might block or derail your initiative.
  • Master the I-Map, to create broad-based support, communicate effectively, and promote collective ownership.
  • Use a variety of strategy and implementation models.
  • Get your work done in the room! We'll plan and map the process of participants' own real-life change initiatives.

Who should attend

Anyone who sponsors, leads, or manages cross-functional change initiatives, including organizational leaders, internal consultants, middle managers, and project managers.


  • Format : On-site Total Access
  • PDF : Download

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