Facilitation for Advanced Practitioners™

Achieving mastery in guiding groups

For graduates of Essential Facilitation®, our Facilitation for Advanced Practitioners workshop provides skills to tackle complex, high-level, high-stakes meetings. A true-to-life case study is used throughout the workshop to help participants diagnose situations, design complex meeting agendas, choose appropriate processes, and handle difficult situations. We offer two- and three-day versions of this program.

Learning Objectives

In this course you will:

  • Learn to manage complex group dynamics, including high-conflict interactions.
  • Practice models, tools, and skills to navigate the most difficult meeting situations.
  • Develop new strategies for thinking on your feet and handling "strategic moments" with confidence.
  • Receive techniques for facilitating groups with multiple external partners.
  • Get comfortable providing critical feedback, even to senior individuals.
  • Develop insights into creating complex and clear agendas.
  • Achieve an in-depth understanding of your strengths and challenges as a facilitator.

Who should attend

Frequent facilitators who are ready to take their skills to the next level. Participants must have attended Essential Facilitation® and have spent a year or more applying what they learned in the course to real-life situations.


  • Format : On-site Public Workshops
  • PDF : Download

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