Facilitative Leadership®

Tapping the power of participation

Interaction Associates' Facilitative Leadership® workshop explores the relationship between leadership and participation and offers a proven method for turning obstacles into opportunities. Seven Leadership Practices provide a framework for improving the effectiveness of team, project, and organizational leaders. Workshop participants will learn how great leaders inspire commitment and make people feel they are part of a larger, more meaningful effort.

You can learn how to be a Facilitative Leader in virtual space with the supplemental program, Facilitative Leadership in the Virtual World™, available only to graduates of Facilitative Leadership.


When taking this program either onsite, or as a Public Workshop, participants may earn up to 16 PDUs from the Project Management Institute. As a Public Workshop, the program may earn participants 14.5 CEUs from the HR Certification Institute.

Who should attend

Formal leaders who are responsible for the performance of others.

Learning objectives

Facilitative Leadership® is a transformational learning experience that expands participants' ability to bring out the best in others. In this two-day workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Spark enthusiasm and productivity with an inspiring vision.
  • Focus on the work process, group relationships, and business results for multidimensional success.
  • Involve employees appropriately, creating employee ownership of strategies, tactics, and results.
  • Design powerful Pathways to Action to help change initiatives succeed.
  • Facilitate agreement among involved stakeholders for smoother implementation.
  • Coach those you lead for better performance and deeper commitment.
  • Celebrate success and accomplishment to create a satisfying work environment.

How participants learn

Participants are encouraged to practice on their toughest real-life work challenges during the Facilitative Leadership®  workshop. In this way, the skills developed are immediately transferable back on the job. Self-assessment, group practice sessions, exploratory discussions, and feedback from workshop leaders and participants combine to provide a varied and engaging learning experience. A trainer-participant ratio of 1-10 means every participant gets personal attention.

This program can be customized in length. Download the pdf to view a sample window agenda of the 2-day program.


  • Format : On-site Public Workshops Total Access
  • PDF : Download

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