Facilitative Leadership® Refresher


For thousands of people around the world, the Facilitative Leadership® workshop has been a transformative experience. Our Facilitative Leadership Refresher workshop provides a way to reconnect with and further explore the relationship between leadership and participation. The Seven Leadership Practices, core to the Facilitative Leader’s toolkit, provide a framework for improving the performance of team, project, and organizational leaders. Conducted online with a live instructor and peer participants, this program is an engaging, time-effective, and powerful way to affect behavior change and integrate the Seven Practices more deeply into your life.

Facilitative Leadership Refresher workshop participants will review how great leaders inspire commitment and involve people as part of a larger, more meaningful effort.

In this 90-minute interactive live online session, you will refresh your knowledge of how to:

  • Spark enthusiasm and productivity with an inspiring vision.
    • Discuss and share examples of Facilitative Leadership through comparative chat.
    • Understand key components of an Inspiring Vision by viewing and analyzing video examples.
  • Focus on the work process, group relationships, and business results for multidimensional success.
    • Discuss measurements that are key to each dimension of success with multiple chat pods.
  • Involve employees appropriately, creating employee ownership of strategies, tactics, and results.
    • Using comparative polling, explore levels of involvement.
  • Design powerful Pathways to Action to help change initiatives succeed.
    • Using discussion threads and comparative polling, evaluate and choose from appropriate pathways to action.
  • Facilitate agreement among involved stakeholders for smoother change implementation.
    • Examine the components of an agreement through video examples and co-created discussion.
    • Uncover key types of agreements through each phase of a discussion.
  • Coach those you lead for better performance and deeper commitment.
    • Review types of coaching conversations and guidelines for varied approaches, while analyzing a video example.
  • Celebrate success and accomplishment to create a satisfying work environment.
    • Discuss examples of real life accomplishments and successes to uncover new places you can celebrate success in your work environment using side-by-side chat.


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