Leading Change


Interaction Associates' Leading Change workshop gives leaders tools they need to help organizations move through change more effectively. Participants learn proven methods for involving people appropriately for more buy-in, creating compelling messages that lead to faster implementation, frame change appropriately, ensure commitment to the desired vision, and build the capability to get there. This workshop uses next-generation chat, polling, and discussion processes to further enhance your learning experience.

Benefits for Individuals

Graduates gain confidence and a robust set of tools and methods for leading change effectively.  Leaders will better understand the dynamics of change. They will be empowered to choose the best strategies to enable change and ensure its smooth implementation. Participants apply change frameworks and gain a deeper understanding of their own reactions to change so that they can build faster commitment to change initiatives that work.  At the end of the session, leaders receive access to digital tools and worksheets they can use to tackle their toughest real-life change challenges through the fresh lens of the framework.

Learning Objectives

Leading Change is an interactive, live online learning experience that expands participants’ awareness of the relationship between leadership and change. In this 90-minute interactive live online session, participants will learn how to:

  • Explore why and when people resist or adopt change.
  • Uncover key leadership levers for driving organizational change initiatives.
  • Involve employees appropriately, creating employee ownership in the change.
  • Increase alignment as people move through transitions.

Online Resource Library Access

The Leading Change online resource library is a curated set of tools designed to help participants boost retention of learning and accelerate behavior change after the learning session. The online library includes support materials on the leadership levers for change and worksheet templates designed to apply the frameworks to current on-the-job challenges. Participants also gain access to additional video resources and curated links that reinforce concepts from the session. Participants of the session will have unlimited access to the library for 90 days after the live online session.


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