Managing People from a Distance

Empower and get the best from employees working in remote locations, by focusing on important conversations.

Managers get things done through others. They spend time delegating,problem-solving,and giving feedback. All too often, managerial conversations by phone or online leave both the manager and the employee feeling disappointed, uncertain about what to expect next, even discouraged.

One of the best ways for managers to influence employee performance is to guide managerial conversations in a way that produces satisfying outcomes for both the manager and the direct report.

Designed by ZOOM Collaborate, Managing People from a DistanceSM provides a user-friendly framework and tools for holding managerial conversations with people in remote locations &conversations that yield clarity, commitment, and greater trust.


Expert instructors deliver short content presentations and skill demonstrations. Then students practice the tools and skills on real-life work challenges. This standard process is supplemented by self-assessments, small group exercises, exploratory discussions, and demonstration videos. After skill practice, participants receive feedback from peers and instructors.


After completing the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Develop relationships based on shared responsibility for success.
  • Define and set expectations with employees working remotely.
  • Hold conversations that increase mutual understanding and agreement.
  • Delegate responsibilities in a way that boosts the likelihood of execution.
  • Provide meaningful, timely performance feedback.
  • Coach others through a problem-solving process.


Leaders and Executives, Learning Professionals


  • Developing People
  • Virtual Collaboration
  • Management Conversations
  • Coaching Performance
  • Building Trust
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence




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