Strategic Thinking™

Strategic thinking is a cognitive process for assimilating data, analyzing complexity, and drawing sound conclusions about a situation, a desired future, and a plan for how best to proceed. It is a way of thinking that contributes to better business outcomes — especially in a complex, volatile and ever-changing environment.

Do you have a foundation for effective decision making?

The success of today’s business enterprise depends, in part, on leaders’ willingness and ability to look at complex and often conflicting data, analyzing that information from the perspective of different stakeholders, and drawing sound conclusions. Without this competence, leaders are liable to make faulty decisions that lead to unintended consequences and poor business outcomes. Processes become bogged down, teams and individuals are less effective, and business relationships suffer.  The result: a negative impact to the bottom line.

In creating Strategic Thinking®, Interaction Associates applied decades of experience in consulting to leadership teams, facilitating group problem solving and coaching leaders at strategic moments. This two-day workshop equips participants with the tools for thinking clearly and skills for thinking strategically in a group setting.

The workshop shows leaders how to engage stakeholders in three strategic conversations:

  1. The Perspectives Conversation to answer the question, "What is changing?"
  2. The Insights Conversation to answer the question, "What does it mean?" and
  3. The Opportunities Conversation to answer the question, "What does it allow for?"

These questions combine with a variety of skills and tools to help participants reduce the risk of missing something important, increase the novelty of their options, and align stakeholder priorities when dealing with complexity. Developing any one of those areas can dramatically increase the effectiveness of individual and team decision making.

Participants in the workshop emerge with 1) a toolkit that helps them “see the forest and the trees” and 2) the ability to cycle through key issues with others more quickly and confidently.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who must make complex, high-impact decisions in the organization will benefit from this workshop. Participants may include:

  • Managers, directors, high potentials, and senior leaders
  • Group, team, and project leaders
  • Individual contributors operating in an ambiguous or complex environment

Learning Objectives

In Strategic Thinking®, participants learn to:

  • Describe strategic thinking, differentiate it from strategic planning, and explain its relevance for organizational decision making.
  • Recognize thinking habits and biases that work for you and against you and develop skills to reduce the negative impacts of bias.
  • Apply six strategic thinking skills that yield perspectives, insights, and opportunities.
  • Reframe strategic questions to increase options.
  • Use scenario planning to envision future states and develop questions that allow you to test implications.


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