Total Access

We give you an internet portal to IA's library of collaboration tools, learning materials, and practical content — easily accessible, to improve the way people work together for extraordinary business results.

We offer a variety of digital products, accessible online 24/7: Total Access, Select Access, Smart Learning and Smart Workbooks. Each is designed to save you money and boost productivity and performance for better business results.

Total Access by Interaction Associates™


Total Access is designed for leaders, learning designers, OD consultants, and trainers to enable rapid development of skills and processes for collaboration. Total Access provides easy access to IA's library of proven leadership and collaboration content (IP), which can be used flexibly to develop capability and improve performance. The library includes:

  • Workshop material, including Workshop Leader Guides.
  • More than 3,000 editable learning objects, and counting.
  • More than 25 demonstration video segments.
  • More than 100 downloadable learning and job aids.

For learning designers, Total Access is a learning program and experience Design Shop. You can customize IA programs, or build your own from source documents.

Support Real Behavior Change

Team members can access support materials when they need them. Research shows new behaviors become sustainable when the learner has a successful experience on the job, vs. only in the classroom.

A Virtual Learning Community

Our virtual learning space keeps the skills and tools within arm's reach so people can apply them on the job. By participating in a learning community, workshop participants and other users have a peer-to-peer support system to help them through difficulties and let them share best practices.

Select Access by Interaction Associates™

Select Access provides companies with complete access to one or two areas of the IA library. A Select Access subscription offers all the features and functions of the Total Access platform. Subscriptions are available to use one or two of IA's core content areas.

SMART Learning

SMART Learning is a simple, blended learning process that combines classroom instruction and practice with online-access to collaboration tools and job aids. Participants create SMART goals for post-workshop practice. After the workshop, they are supported by one another and by an online coach. Post-workshop practice translates into increased retention and improved performance.

Participants get:

  • 24/7 access to a Smart Workbook offering downloadable tools, templates and job aids -- even video -- from a given workshop for ongoing use in the workplace.
  • A moderated virtual environment for participation in a global community of other users and experts.

Smart Workbooks by Interaction Associates™

Smart Workbooks provide leaders and individual contributors a powerful, personalized learning toolkit and performance support tool that boosts the effectiveness of classroom and action learning. Smart Workbooks also provide ongoing content support that translates into increased retention and application, more proficient employees, and positive business results.