Virtual Group Facilitation

Help any team or group that meets remotely stay on track, maintain focus, meet effectively, and get great results.

Good facilitation is useful for any meeting with three or more people. Without guidance, groups get distracted, spin their wheels, and flounder when faced with a complicated issue. And virtual meetings, by their very nature, require better preparation and more agile facilitation. Designed by ZOOM Collaborate, Virtual Group Facilitation teaches you to facilitate virtual meetings in real time with realistic scenarios. Participants practice strategies and techniques for keeping people engaged and productive.


After completing the workshop, participants will be better able to:
• Help meeting leaders prepare an agenda for a virtual meeting.
• Use online technology to engage attendees and focus their attention.
• Build rapport, trust, and authentic connections among participants.
• Help the group make agreements and make decisions.
• Reconcile differences of opinion.
• Handle challenging group dynamics and get the group back on track.
• Help any online group accomplish more in less time.


Program leaders deliver short content presentations and skill demonstrations. Then students practice the tools and skills on real-life work challenges.
This standard process is supplemented by self-assessments, small group exercises, and application discussions. After skill practice, participants receive feedback from peers and instructors.


Project Managers, Organization Development Consultants, and anyone who is called on to facilitate online meetings.


• Facilitating Alignment
• Group Dynamics
• Employee Engagement
• Stakeholder Management
• Coaching Strategic Thinking
• Interpersonal Communication
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Organizational Acumen


  • Format : On-site Virtual
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