Tapping the Power of Conscious Collaboration

We help leaders and teams to think more clearly and interact more effectively. We solve pesky problems together using The Interaction Method and then teach our clients to do it themselves.


Why Collaborate?

Senior Consultant Jay Cone explores common disconnects when leaders approach collaboration with the wrong ends in mind — and the central question to set up collaboration for success.



Conscious Collaboration Works

Almost everyone is on board with the idea of workplace collaboration. But not everyone is good at it. It's hard to think 'win-win' all the time. It's not easy to come up with a practical approach for getting the right people engaged at the right time. And it's almost impossible to corral the positions and personalities of all the stakeholders!

Interaction Associates (IA) is one of the world’s authorities on group and organizational collaboration. Since 1969, we have developed and taught practical, simple, and effective methods for helping people achieve remarkable results by working together across functions, viewpoints, and geographies. IA introduced the concept and practice of group facilitation to the business world over 40 years ago. Since then over 500,000 people have learned The Interaction Method, a facilitated approach for building understanding and agreement so that people can take informed, concerted action.

Today, IA and our clients apply these proven techniques to a wide variety of people and process challenges: how to reduce concept-to-customer development cycle time; how to integrate merged business units after an acquisition; how to transfer the wisdom of the boomer generation to digital natives, and the list goes on.

At our core, Interaction Associates demonstrates the power and transfer the skills of conscious collaboration so that our clients perform better and their people feel great about the work they do.