Women in Leadership

Like most high-stakes change initiatives, the issue of advancing more women into senior levels of leadership requires more than a project plan and a firm hand. It requires collaborative change leadership focused relentlessly on three areas: setting direction, inspiring commitment, and building capability.

Creating An Honest Dialogue about Women in Leadership

Senior Consultant Deborah Rocco discusses what it will take to bridge the gender gap in the corporate world...and why it's important to do so.

A Re-energized Conversation for a New Generation

Interaction Associates can help you:

  • Begin where you are, and turn small wins into big gains.
  • Increase awareness among men and women, at all levels of the organization, that what's good for women is good for business.
  • Leverage executive sponsors focused on diversity and inclusion as a central theme on their agenda, and with a willingness to stay the course.
  • Use a comprehensive approach that includes changes to culture, development opportunities, and talent management practices.

Training and Development Services

Our Women in Leadership development workshop has helped international organizations advance women leaders and improve their diversity and retention numbers. This research-based workshop focuses on the specific needs and capabilities of women — and provides the knowledge and support they need to succeed and contribute added value in their roles as corporate leaders.

Consulting Services

Through our collaborative change consulting and facilitation services, we help you:

Establish Direction

Senior Consultants partner with the Executive sponsors of your diversity initiatives to assess your organization’s readiness for change, define a vision of success and design a pathway of action.

Inspire Commitment

We help you build commitment through facilitated sessions that bring men and women together to discuss the impact of gender bias on women, men, and the organization.

Transfer Capability

We provide safe places for women to develop as a necessary component of your broader talent management strategy. We offer a variety of customized workshops and coaching programs to support women in the development and expression of their personal leadership.

Innovation Teams

A small group of women and men hand picked by sponsors are invited to come together to use the Design Thinking process to reframe the gender dilemma challenge and to identify several paths forward for tackling the issue. The teams:

  • Learn a practical, proven approach to innovation.
  • Participate in a Design Thinking simulation.
  • Build understanding of 2nd-generation gender bias and its impact on talent management practices.
  • Apply the innovation lens to the issue of women in leadership.

Our custom solution is based on your needs, and tailored to your own situation. Contact us to learn more.

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