Collaboration Consulting

The best solutions to most workplace challenges come from employees - not from outside consultants. Are we working ourselves out of a job? Yes, that's an idea. But first we help to surface and transform in-house wisdom into practical solutions. Our strategy: demonstrate the power of collaborative action and then transfer critical thinking and conscious collaboration skills to our clients.



Most companies have the inside resources and knowledge to solve their most challenging business problems. Outside experts may have good idea but they don’t make change stick. Our consultants excel at designing and guiding collaborative processes that help your leaders, teams, and change agents:

  • Set direction and take informed, concerted action
  • Engage and build alignment of key stakeholders
  • Streamline mission-critical work processes
  • Recalibrate talent development and retention strategies
  • Ready the organization for significant change
  • Reboot teams at a cross-roads
  • Resolve VUCA* issues and conflicts (*volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous)
  • Create learning and development solutions for high potentials
  • Transform the role of HR, OD and learning professionals into trusted business advisors.



Five principles guide our approach to helping leaders drive positive change and improvement:

  • Reveal your thinking and share an inspiring vision.
  • Engage key stakeholders through maximum appropriate involvement – from vision to execution.
  • Help people make sound agreements and fact-based decisions.
  • Share information, insights and lessons learned.
  • Exchange feedback and acknowledgement as an expression of love and support.

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